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DC Mini BCU is a replacement power supply unit for the Sega Dreamcast. Our power supply is designed to operate efficiently for hours with an external AC adapter(12V, 3A). Original, branded components with correct values and passive heat-sinks are used to make it more reliable and cooler. If you are experiencing a high temperature in your console or resetting, because of an older, worn out, degrading power supply or GDEMU, then our DC MINI BCU is for you. You can also use it on consoles with damaged power supplies or consoles with a different region/power plug.

Region free, can be used on all model and revisions. It also includes a 5V output for different mods.

Package includes:

- DC MINI BCU power supply board

- Adapter cable with 3D printed power plug for original, clean appearance

- A 12V, 3A AC/DC adapter( central positive, barrel negative, 5.5mm x 2.1mm plug ) is recommended.


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