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CMVS Ultra is the most advanced consolized MVS ever...

- Based on the Original Neo Geo MV1-C mainboard, cleaned and modded
- Custom designed full metal enclosure
- Custom Jamma I/O board simplifies the cabling inside
- Custom impedance matching RGBS Scart video output board with renown THS7374 chip
- Custom FPGA based VGA16 Scandoubler board for 480p VGA/YPbPr(Component) output with scanlines and pixel blending options that can be selected with dipswitches
- Gold RCA jacks for Stereo audio output
- Replaceable battery (CR2032)
- Latest Unibios with NeoBiosMasta is included, for upgrading easily

- 2x Neo Geo Controller ports
- Aluminum Hi-Fi feet

- Magnetic cartridge slot cover made from plexiglass,
- High quality 110/220V AC adapter, 5V 3A

- High quality 1 meter Sony Scart cable

- OSSC safe

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