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Gekko is a Dreamcast HDMI box. It outputs 480p video over HDMI, so you can play your favourite DC games in higher resolution on modern displays.

Gekko has an RGB/VGA mode switch, which lets you play games that are not VGA compatible. All you need to do is trick the console while booting(after the beep sound) by switching to VGA mode position to alter this limitation on those games. Gekko is not an upscaler so some non VGA games may not work.

Pure Audio output in Stereo...


Gekko outputs digital audio over HDMI. Its analog to digital audio encoder offers lossless stereo audio. So you can hear the sounds which you have never before and feel as you are in the game.





All our products are handmade using high quality imported components. Every component is tested multiple times and chosen carefully for its longevity. We use high quality shielded video cable for better video and audio quality.






1. 480p video output via HDMI

2. RGB/VGA switch to select the 15khz RGB mode or the 31khz VGA mode.

3. HDMI connector for plugging to your TV/monitor.

4. Blue power led.

5. High quality custom made Dreamcast audio/video cable.

6. Durable plexi case with laser etched Gekko logo.


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