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Hayabusa is an advanced supergun for the arcade boards. Now you can enjoy your arcade games with your favorite Playstation(1/2) compatible controllers or arcade sticks as it has 2x Playstation(1/2) controller ports instead of regular Neo Geo controller ports(DB15). It can be used with commonly found JAMMA based arcade boards and Chinese boards.

- Impedance matching, amplified RGB video output by using the renowned THS7374 video amplifier chip...
- Individual potentiometers for calibrating the RGB color levels
- Includes a low-pass filter that can be enabled or disabled.
- Euro Scart connector for audio/video output.
- Kick Harness connector
- Dipswitch for enabling the Buttons 4,5 and 6 from the Jamma or Kick Harness.
- 2 types of Sync mode is selectable with a jumper: attenuated and buffered by THS7374 or Scmitt trigger
- Built-in audio attenuator.
- Line level audio input from terminal jack or 3.5mm Headphone jack
- Stereo audio output, selectable audio source, attenuated MVS or Line In
- MVS/Mono switch
- 2x Playstation (1/2) controller ports with all 6 buttons wired (can be used with CPS, Atomiswave and Chamma boards like Pandora).
- Button remap feature ( software by Arthrimus)
- LCD Voltmeter for the 5v input.
- Test, Service and Coin1 push-buttons.
- Blue power led.
- OSSC safe.

Package includes
1. a high quality custom power cable with 6 pin Mini Fit Jr. connector (2xGND, 2x5V, 1x12v, 1x-5V)
2. a custom made Kick Harness for the CPS2/CPS3 boards.
3. a custom designed, orange/transparent, 3mm, laser etched, plexiglass shell.


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