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Kenzei is a "Sync Combiner device", which basically merges H and V Sync signals in a VGA video source and then creates a single C-Sync video signal required for some upscalers like X-RGB and some monitor displays.


Kenzei has a VGA (HD15) female connectorfor the video input and RCA Stereo jacks for the audio input. It outputs video through female Euro Scart connector and separate RCA jacks (RGBS). Scart provides stereo output too.

Kenzei requires a power source, there are 2 options,
1. an AC adapter (9-12v), 1A max, with a central positive, barrel negative, 5.5mm x 2.1mm plug. It's not bundled for not increasing the cost. It can be found on the Ebay easily. Kenzei internally reduces these higher voltages to a regulated 5v.
2. Pin 9 (5v) of your VGA source, however it's not reliable because not all VGA cables have that pin wired. So you can choose whichever source you want by the help of a switch.

Scart connector can be used either for input or output which means you can choose pin 1 & 3 for the audio output and pin 19 for the video output or you can choose pin 2 & 6 for the audio input and pin 20 for the video input. You can set these via jumpers according to the cables used.

It has a blue power led. It comes with plexiglass shells, top is clear blue with laser etched Kenzei logo, bottom is black.

Bonus feature:
Scart to RCA RGBS or vice versa pass-through conversion
so you can connect a scart cable to the Kenzei to get separate RCA RGBS outputs for connecting to a monitor/converter (e.q Sony PVM), opposite is also possible.


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