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Kuro is a Dreamcast VGA box with RCA Stereo jacks for audio output and 15/31khz mode select for full compatibility. Dreamcast natively supports VGA output mode however you need a special cable to enable it. So you can enjoy your favourite arcade games in higher (480p) resolution on VGA monitors, modern displays like plasma and LCD screens.


Kuro supports the 480i RGB mode which is identical in terms of what the European Scart cable uses. However Kuro outputs better audio/video quality than those scart cables due to the nature of those cables’ poor shielding/ground problems.


RGB mode (upto 480i) is interlaced and not progressive as the VGA mode. In the RGB mode, video is 15khz, however VGA output is 31khz, which enables clearer, sharper and more detailed images that you can't get with an ordinary composite, S-video or Scart cable.


These video modes are selectable by a switch which allows you to play games that are not compatible with the VGA box. All you need to do is trick the console while booting(after the beep sound) by switching to VGA mode position to alter this limitation on those games. Note that not all displays support the 15khz mode.


Kuro has RCA Stereo audio jacks to let you plug your console to an amplifier or a stereo system or simply your TV. So you can hear the sounds which you have never before and feel as you are in the game.


All our products are handmade using high quality imported components. Every component is tested multiple times and chosen carefully for its longevity. We use high quality shielded video cable for better video and audio quality





1. Supports resolutions up to 480i/480p.

2. RGB/VGA switch to select the 15khz RGB mode or the 31khz VGA mode.

3. VGA female connector (HD15) for connecting to your video display.

4. High quality Stereo RCA audio output jacks for plugging to a Hi-Fi

    system(amplifier) or TV.

5. Blue power led.

6. High quality custom made Dreamcast audio/video cable.

7. Durable plexi case with laser etched Kuro logo.


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