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Shogun is an advanced supergun which is optimized especially for the Neo Geo MVS arcade boards. It simplifies the usage of an MVS board at home. Atomiswave board can be used with the video output directly from the VGA port of this system too.

- Impedance matching, amplified RGB video output by using the renowned THS7374 video amplifier chip.. MVS's RGB output is attenuated correctly for a cleaner video image.

- Includes a low-pass filter that can be enabled or disabled.

- Euro Scart connector for audio/video output.

- Built-in audio attenuator.

- Line level audio input from terminal jack or 3.5mm Headphone jack

- Stereo audio output, selectable audio source, attenuated MVS or Line In

- MVS/Mono switch

- 2x Neo Geo (DB15) controller ports with button 5 wired (can be used with Atomiswave)

- LCD Voltmeter for the 5v input.

- Test, Service and Coin1 push-buttons.

- Includes a high quality custom power cable with 6 pin Mini Fit Jr. connector (2xGND, 2x5V, 1x12v).

- Custom designed, transparent smoke, 3mm, laser etched, plexiglass shell.


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