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Shyntek is a 2in1 VGA box for the Atomiswave arcade system. Atomiswave

can output only 15KHz and 31KHz RGBS (composite sync) via its HD15 port(VGA) which is not a compatible signal with every display on the market. VGA standard requires 31KHz RGBHV signals for displaying video properly. However Atomiswave system has a combined composite sync instead of separate H & V sync signals. It was an arcade standard of the time. 


Sync Separator for proper VGA output


Shyntek solves this little problem by separating its CSync into H and V Sync signals which is required for the VGA standard. It has a built-in sync separator (cleaner) to generate these separate sync signals properly. This feature can be used with other arcade boards as a sync cleaner.  


Built-in Scanliner function


Like the Dreamcast system which Atomiswave is based on, it has 2 video modes,  an RGB mode (upto 480i) which is interlaced and not progressive as the VGA mode. In the RGB mode, video is 15khz, however VGA output is 31khz, which enables clearer, sharper and more detailed images. Modern displays don't give the feel of those old Arcade CRT screens. Old games look better on old CRTs, however your new hi-tech screen gives edgy, pixelated graphics which decreases your gaming appetite. This is because CRTs have scanlines and games were designed for these displays have in mind. If you are an enthusiast of 2D fighting games or shoot 'em ups, which the Atomiswave system was designed for, you will notice it's even worse in VGA mode because of the higher details. Scanliner eliminates this problem by enabling scanlines in the VGA mode. So we decided to enhance its video output capability by adding a Scanliner function to the Shyntek. 

It’s possible to turn off scanlines easily with a switch, you can also select Even or Odd scanlines or you can change the width of the scanlines, thin or thick. We recommend to use the 31Khz mode for displaying scanlines.




All our products are handmade using high quality imported components. Every component is tested multiple times and chosen carefully for its longevity. We use high quality shielded video cable for better video and audio quality.



You can download its manual from the following link...

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