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Scanliner is a scanline generator for devices with VGA/31khz output. It supports resolutions of 640x480 or 1024x768. It can be used with PCs and consoles like Dreamcast, Xbox 360, Gamecube(with modified VGA cable), etc. It’s plug & play, so you don’t need anything else like an AC adapter or drivers etc.



Modern displays don't give the feel of our old CRT TVs. Old games look better on old TVs, however your new hi-tech screen gives edgy, pixelated graphics which decreases your gaming appetite. This is because CRTs have scanlines and games were designed for these displays. In hi-resolution screens, those games look horrible. If you are an enthusiast of 2D fighting games or shoot 'em ups, you need a Scanliner  to eliminate this problem. So you can play your Street Fighter 3 game in full glory even better than before.


It’s possible to turn off scanlines easily with a switch, you can also select Even or Odd scanlines or you can change the width of the scanlines, thin or thick for a resolution like 1024x768(when used with an upscaler).





1.   Supports resolutions 640x480 or 1024X768 and 31khz


2.   VGA male connector for video input and VGA female connector 

      (HD15) for connecting to your video display.


3.   Scanliner ON/OFF switch to enable or disable scanlines.


4.   Scanliner Width switch for selecting thin or thick scanlines for a

      resolution like 640x480(default) or 1024x768 when upscaling.


5.   Scanliner Even/Odd switch for selecting even or odd scanlines.


6.   Luminosity adjustment as a bonus feature.


7.   Blue power led.


8.   High quality custom made video cable.


9.   Durable plexi case with laser etched Scanliner logo.


10. Small form factor: 2.3x2.3x0.79 inches or 5.8x5.8x2cms,

      around 85 grams or 3 ounces.

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