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The PRODIGY is the ultimate video capture device, designed for anyone looking to record, edit or live stream high-quality video content in 1080P resolution. With its wide range of compatibility, you can use it with a popular software like OBS, as well as platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook easily without worrying about any CPU overload. The PRODIGY supports multiple formats, including YUV422 and MJPEG, and can be used with Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Android operating systems. You can easily connect it to your computer with its USB 3.0 cable and start capturing stunning footage in HD. It also features a microphone input, allowing you to add personal commentary to your streams. Additionally with its HDMI OUT port, you can simultaneously outputyour captured video from a variety of HDMI sources to an alternate larger display . The PRODIGY is the perfect tool to take your production to the next level.



  • Upto 4K@60Hz HDMI Video : maximum video input 4K(3840×2160@30Hz)
  • Maximum output resolution for capturing:  1920×1080 (1080P 60Hz, 148.5MHz)
  • 4K HDMI Loop Out:  You can watch your recording on another display
  • Plug & Play: Powered by USB 3.0 type C, cable(included), no need to install any drivers
  • 3.5mm Mic-In , Line Out jacks - for headset/microphone input and external audio output
  • Supported color spaces: RGB,YUV444,YUV422
  • Supported Audio formats:  maximum 24bit 48KHz
  • Supported Deep Color:  24bits, 30bits,36bits
  • HDMI 1.4b compatible (cable not included)



Capture footage from Original XBOX - Outrun 2 - 1080p


Instruction Manual



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